Little green visitor

I didn’t actually take this shot today. I have been working on my assignment again with little break to tend to my artistic wants!  Nevertheless I did take this photo and enhanced it slightly in Photoshop (the green of the frog is fully what the camera took though – gorgeous huh?!!) before uploading tonight. I did think about de-saturating everything bar the frog a bit so he would really stand out but I quite like the nature of the shot as it is. What do you think?

We regularly get little visitors where I currently live. We’ve had several green tree frogs, a couple of other frogs and of course some cane toads. We have a tonne of bush turkeys in our back yard having babies and wandering across the road to the bushland there. We’ve had an echidna in the driveway! Now that was special!! Various birds fly into the house. Gecko’s galore and quite a number of fascinating insects.  There’s more but if I list them all off I’ll be here all night and I must get some rest.

We love our wildlife, my little family. It’s always a special moment to share with the kids when we find a new creature visiting us. We will spend time learning about it and observing its behaviour. Do you take time out to ‘smell the roses’ like that?


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