Do bush turkey’s gobble gobble?

This morning I allowed myself to wake slowly since the kids are with their dad and I didn’t need to get up for any reason whatsoever.  As I lay there I looked at the window at the tree tops and listened to water dripping off the trees leaves after the rain earlier as well as the birdsong from a variety of birds in and around my yard I noticed there was a family of bush turkeys in the trees above my neighbours roof.  I watched them for a little while before deciding I should grab my camera.  
When I finally decided to go get the camera I wondered if they would still be there when I returned – which is kind of a silly thing to ponder since my camera was only a few metres away in my office!  They were still there when I came back, still preening and fluffing themselves.  I began taking pics and would you believe? They actually started strutting their stuff for me!  They must have heard the camera shutter or perhaps it was the flash that caught their attention. They didn’t fly away but instead began to watch me. They paced along the branches, looking my way frequently.  At first I didn’t believe it was actually me they were looking at but they definitely were – you can see it in this photo where this turkey was faced away from be and turned his head all the way back to look at me directly! Kind of freaky actually!!  
I’ve also included a photo of the family in the trees as I quite like it.  Not sure if I’m getting better at my shots or just staying the same but it is nice to have a new subject.  Interesting little creatures they are! 

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