The view from my bedroom window

This actually isn’t the best photo. I’m sure I could have done better if I’d really given myself the chance, nevertheless it is the picture I’ve decided to upload anyway. It is of the view from my bedroom window.

I am moving homes soon-ish and this is one of the things I will miss (hopefully I will have a lovely view from my new bedroom window but I haven’t found a house yet so don’t know).

There are actually two windows in my current bedroom: a large window that is along the side of the house which has a view to the next door neighbours roof (that’s where I took the pics of the bush turkey’s from in an earlier post); and then there’s a wide small window that you usually see above peoples beds.

I suppose I’m not like most people because I decided I’d rather be able to lay in bed and look out that window than have it above my head in bed so I put my bed up the other end of the room near the door way and faced out the window. I love it.

I love waking up to seeing the sun rise through the trees and the birds flying around in the tree tops. It helps me to feel relaxed and serene.  I also love to view the silhouette shapes of the trees against the darkening sky at night and when the moon shines through them it is simply spectacular.

So, while this photo may not be the best photo and the view, to many, may not be what they would regard as a view, I love it.  And I love the memories and the feelings that come along with seeing this picture. This is why I chose to post it, despite any lack of photographic pizzazz in it.


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