Licks her lips as you taste her cup
      Slide you in to fill her up
Kiss your mouth to taste your wine
      Love her body your touch divine
Tickle your skin to thrill her soul
      Drink her up to make you whole
Rake her nails across bare skin
      Arch her back and dive within
Bite her curves for you she yearns
      Spirits dance while desire burns
Gasp aloud as she holds your face
      Skin to skin in fire embrace
Dance of love so intense
      Bodies alive with every sense
Eat her feast your pure delight
      Give you strength to last the night
Bathe in light of which you’re fond
      Eye to eye increase the bond
Writhe together in ecstasy
      Locked as one yet fly free
Holds your hand in climactic climb
      Essence entwined for all of time
Reach the top for mutual high
      Mount of tension released in sigh
Lock her lips in final kiss
      Sleep the night eternal bliss.

Copyright Penne Chantel. Written in 2010.